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                Jiangyin municipal Party committee determines the …

                On the afternoon of November 30, Jiangyin city party construction consultant appointment ceremony and listed company party construction alliance "red momentum" innovation project release conference w…


                Group Introduction Innovation makes the future, honesty makes the brilliance

                Jiangsu Furen group was founded in 1993. In the past two decades of development, Furen group has been combing its main business and development plan, actively following the trend of the times, transforming and upgrading, and expanding its enterprise space. Now it has developed into a province with 23 subsidiaries, integrating four major businesses of intelligent manufacturing, energy terminal services, green intelligent power, industrial finance and other sectors, and strong comprehensive streng…


                Growth course

                Owning staff


                Furen industry

                The company's business covers the production and manufacturing of various products in the fields of home appliances, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, auto parts, intelligent forging equipment, such as system integration; the design, manufacturing and installation of Gas Dispensers, Gas Dispensers, double-layer oil tanks, intelligent self-service gas dispensers and other equipment, as well as the whole station service, logistics and transportation intelligent control system, LED…

                Energy Terminal Services

                Furen high tech

                Green intelligent power sector

                Huaming power, Furen electric, Furen electric

                Industrial Finance and service

                Furen Boutique Hotel

                Intelligent manufacturing sector

                Furen machine parts, Furen heavy industry, Wuhu Furen, Wuhan Furen, Zhuzhou Furen, Chongqing runwei, Xu forging company, Germany Yibu

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